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But Calico, then you have to account for Heidegger's cat!


Less well known than Schrodinger's possibly, but does that mean it doesn't exist?


Vicki (darn typos)(This message has been edited by Vicki)

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Less well know than Schrodinger's possibly, but does that mean it doesn't exist?


I reckon it depends who's looking, eh?


I hear tell it has to be an intelligent being ;).




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I think we are talking semantics here, you are saying the district advancement person is a "Guest" to the EBOR when your own source you quote states " at least one member MUST be a district or council representative." This confirms what I have been saying all along. As to who chairs the EBOR I think that may be more local custom than anything else, even though your source seems to be more in agreement with what I said than what you have stated, just an observation.


Now back to the Vicki and Merlyn interesting debate on defining God.

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Hmmm, Baden, I would not presume to define God. Way above my pay grade:). And I wouldn't presume to put words in Merlyn's mouth, but I think he is an atheist, so you must be referring to some other debate.


Or, is the proposed debate scenario, as it would play out, ridiculous enough to qualify as a Schrodinger's cat?


What lovely synchronicity the universe has at times! I think I shall attempt to grok the wonderful irony of the situation with my nestmate at the first opportunity.


Vicki(This message has been edited by Vicki)

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Yah, BadenP, whatever. I was respondin' to your statement


that is why an EBOR is NOT supposed to ever be done, organized or controlled by the troop hierarchy but is under the direct control of the Dist. Advancement Chair and who he/she deems fit to determine if the boy has qualified for Eagle.


That's clearly incorrect, eh? In fact it is often done by the troop committee, organized by the troop committee, and controlled/chaired by the troop committee. It is rarely under the direct control of the DAC, even when conducted at the district level.


What I said in my reply was in fact exactly correct:


"An Eagle BOR may be conducted by the council, by the district, or by the unit. The council decides which it will use. In the case of a council which does EBORs at the unit level, like qwazse's, the district or council send one voting representative to join the BOR. The unit selects the other board members. The district rep. may be invited to chair the board, or not at the unit's discretion."



who has posted an award for his lost Schrodinger's Cat. If more people look, he might decide to exist!

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What a relief! I was about to call the SE and tell him that our district's advancement committee was playing fast and loose with the regs.


Actually BP, sounds like the fundamentalists would be the ones properly administering the rules. They would take the DRP at face value, and -- like Merlyn did -- point out the distinctions. They would also recognize -- by virtue of the print -- that scouting allows someone who's religion has "poor fundamentals" to participate fully in the program.


The one's I've seen have no qualms about non-semitic religions being represented in thier scout units.


I think this is for two reasons:

1. They actually believe in the written word, they understand its limitations, and they make that calculus the moment they sign a charter.

2. Their Lord demands that they be hospitable. 'Nuff said,

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Aw Beav


Always the legalist, lol, in that statement of mine the wording may be a tad off however what we were told at DE training at National in 1989, verbatim, "someone from the district advancement committee, preferably the DAC, or council must ALWAYS be included in EVERY EBOR to insure BSA policies and procedures are strictly followed." If you want to tear that apart you can take it up with National. While the troop can organize the EBOR the custom in my council was the DAC set the dates and times, right or wrong.


However, I do agree that the troop committee would know the boy better and what he had accomplished in scouting giving him a fairer shake, but I have also seen it work the other way as well.


Hey Vicki: It is above my pay grade as well, lol.

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