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Tour Permit vs Tour Plan...

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Well, I filed one of the new plan forms 2 weeks ago for a camping trip at got it back no problem a day later.


Saturday I decided to fill ones out for all four of our summer activities that seemed to require one. Got this message back from the district:


"Due to some on for seen problems with the New Toru Plan at the National level, please go to myscouting.org and fill out that tour permit. It is the old one and we are still accepting those."



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The aquatics tour plan requirement is a bit of a nuisance. Our Scout House is on a lake, and we paddle weekly before troop meetings all summer, in addition to many other river paddling trips. Thus, I'll be sending in about 20 tour plans all at once to cover the whole summer.

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You should define your regular meeting place to include the lake. Talk to your scout executive. Assuming that meetings always include adequate supervision, 20 plans for mostly paddling in a controlled area is excessive.


The tour plans should be for the real trips 1+ miles.

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