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This is a spin off, but again, I still cannot make it work right! It's from Gang Signs: http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=263345


Long, long ago, in a neighborhood 4 miles up the road, I grew up.


And as any kid growing up, I did something I thought was cool: I got my left ear pierced. Now, I cannot honestly say if I really thought I was cool, thought I was just being different, or rebelling against my parents.


Pretty much, I decided I was going to pierce my ear. I went over to the fire dept ( I was a member) and put ice in a towel and held it to my ear until it was numb. I then took a sewing needle, held it in a lighter flame with needlenose plyers for the appropriate amount of time : Meaning the lighter was too hot to hold any longer, and then dipped it into alcohol. Then I stuck it through my ear. I then took the little diamond earring that I had soaking in alcohol, and stuck it in my ear and put on the back.



Later, when I got home... I swear I was no sooner than 3 foot in the door when my dad looked at me and asked me if I was gonna start wearing a bra and panties too!.


I wore an earring for maybe 5 years, and eventually, just didn't wear it any more. I did have two holes in my left ear, and one is still there , while the other grew over.


Now, here is what I wonder: What is my son going to do, that will shock me? I had an earing...no big deal.

I know too many people with face, nose, cheek eyebrow, tongue,and other unmentionalble places pierced.


I won't do that, but I am also not so shocked by it. It's pretty much the cultural norm.


So what will my son do?


Lag bolt a two by four to his head?


Get a dinosaur bone surgically implanted to his nose?


Split their two arms into four arms?


Snake pupil transplants?


What will your child do?


Any Guesses? LOL!

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The next generation is always looking for ways to prove how different they are by doing exactly the same thing all their friends are doing.


Tattoos are very in around these parts right now. I wouldn't be surprised to see large slabs of very bright colours in very obvious places, like on the face.

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We always said we would never let our boys have long hair or wear a mohawk..Now my oldest had VERY long hair(just recently cut it so it is better) and our Youngest has a Mohawk!


Hopefully that is the worst they do but I know better...we figure our youngest is just bidding his time til he turns 18 and can get a tattoo!

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My 5-year-old daughter wants a tattoo. She gets ticked off when the temporary ones wash off in the bathtub. My bet is that by the time she's an adult, tattoos will have lost their shock value.


I got an ear piercing about 15 years ago ... with a handful of other Scouting friends, all camp staff members. We went out on our night off to a nearby mall, got our ears stabbed and came back to camp with small metallic studs in our ears. We adopted the name "The Platinum Studs." It wasn't a shocker then.

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Shock value doesn't really work unless it actually shocks you.


My boy came home a number of years ago and showed me his Insane Clown Posse tattoos. They were pretty big, ugly and on both arms, chest and back.


I smiled nicely and said it reminded me of the tattoo his grandmother had on her butt of Frank Sinatra. I don't think it was the response he was looking for.


When he went into the Marines, he wished he had waited and gotten a "good" tattoo. :)



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