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Patrol Name Reality Check

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I got a kick out of everyone's comments. I too, was the patrol leader for the beaver patrol as a youth. We were going to shave our heads before summer camp but the Scoutmaster thought it would be a bad idea to bring a bunch of shaved beavers to camp. That was an akward meeting...lots of snickering.


I don't see the problem with "Bear Rasslers," but I also had to get over the purist idea of only using the patches supplied at the Scout Shop. If the boys really take the name to heart, they will begin to become a better team. It is the boys' unit isn't it?


I also completely agree that the flag and patch should be appropriate. We had the guys design a patrol flag for the "Bear" patrol and they found a patch of a bear that was rainbow striped. They liked the colorfulness of it, but the parents took issue to the homosexual implications. We were able to steer them in a different direction without bringing too much focus to the colors.


Hey, if you can't do it in front of your grandmother, you shouldn't do it at all...

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If it was the Grateful Dead's Rainbow Bears, you could have had a mighty hip patrol

So, when you ask the patrol members what patrol they are and they reposond "we are the Bear wrASSlers", and you say, "what did you say?" And they reply "we are the Bear Wrasslers, what did you think we said" replete with smirks, sniggles and outright chortles, I find it offensive and if that makes me too sensitive, well then I can live with it


I helped the new scout patrol with selecting a name, they went with the name "the Jokers" and will use the Bat patrol patch. Their yell is "Why so Serious?"(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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OGE, I think you put it into perspective with the way the patrol was using the name. That, to me, is when it does become an issue. If they are all smirking and giggling about their name, then I would say that this is not an appropriate patrol name.


We merged 2 smaller patrols a few weeks ago. The Flaming Arrows and the Scorpions. They chose the obvious, "Flaming Scorpions." Someone in the patrol started wispering about the alternate meaning of "flaming" and last week they decided to change to the Stag Patrol (somehow an interesting alternate choice).

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