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Thanks Acco, I forgot to look there.


And for a 3rd iteration see the Boy Scout Handbook, 11th edition, pages 85 and 412. This version list the same 6 actions from the back of the card as "requirements". That falls in line with the Scout Requirements book (an optional pub), but doesn't match what's on the card. I guess if you go 2 out of 3 . . .


And some wonder why there's so much angst out there in the great Scout nation.


Giddonah, see what you've started?! ;)


No other patches, other than OA lodge insignia, on the pocket flap? Then why, oh why, did someone at National approve a patch in the shape of a flap, but only authorized to go on the pocket (or blanket, or vest)? Come on, one of you lurking professionals fess up (we know you're out there).

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"The Scout's "Totin' Rights" can be taken from him if he fails in his responsibility. {Emphasis is mine.}"



This phrase is not in my son's Boy Scout Handbook. I am not sure of the issue or edition as the front pages up to Tenderfoot (which is taped on) are missing, as are anything past "R" in the back index.


Regardless of weather or not a Totin' Chip card has been issued, these are skills that should be taught at the scouts very first campout, are required for advancement to 2nd Class, and should be reinforced at every single campout the scout attends.


If a scout starts acting like a horse's back end with any "woods tools" a search for a card to snip would not be the first thing that I would rush to do. Any & all "tools" would be immediately removed from his vicinity/person untill he has been re-trained in their use & demonstrated his understanding. I would probably also put him in charge of "woods tools" wounds at the next First Aid Meet!


Boy, with the memory of stitches in numerous places, I think that I will have a little refresher with my very own "Capt Bowie Knife" before Camporee!


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I don't know about taking corners being a Council rule. There are people in our district that have come from councils all over the country and a couple from other countries. They all have a policy if a scout shown unsafe use of a cutting tool they take a corner. I was debating taking a corner from a young scouts card a couple of years ago when I was day camp director and he was a BS working. He had left several knives laying where the tot lot kids could have gotten them.

They very wise scouter told me that he had knows scouts that had gone from Tenderfoot to Eagle with one corner off their card. That having to stand there and watch that corner be torn off makes a big impression on them. I took the corner. The kid almost cried. But he later told me he hadn't realized how dangerous it was to leave the knives laying around.

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Since the requirements guide says that tot'n rights can be "taken from" the Scout, it seems to me that the corner-cutting approach is just a mechanism for doing this. It is neither prescribed nor proscribed. It doesn't add any requirements.


As for the patch, I find it extremely odd that BSA would produce flap-shaped patches for years and years, if they can't be sewn onto a flap. Perhaps they USED to be OK for flaps, and their shape is a vestigial remnant of that earlier time?

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