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Giving to the Boy and Girl Scouts survivors of Katrina

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While watching the news about the storm damage my 12 year old Star Scout made the comment about how were the Boy and Girl Scout troops going to meet after the storm. It knocked me over.

At are District Round Table last night we have opened up our troops and packs to any scout why is in a shelter in our area. I challenge all other areas to do the same. It isn't much but it will give these kids who have lost everything a little bit of normality back. If your community it taking survivors find out who is in charge of community services and contact them. We will be responsible for picking them up and getting them back to the shelter. The only thing we are going to require is that ever needed permission slip from a parent or guardian. We can keep records of what they do while with our troops and when they get to go home give that to them.

Our DE told us that BSA had 9 Councils that are bascially wiped out. I talked to a friend with Girl Scouts and she said they have 7.


Also after rebuilding begins and they go home they will need to replace their troop camping gear.

I know our troop has way to many dutch ovens and silver wear and we can spare a couple of big pots to boil water in.


I remember in 61 when our GS troop lost everything in a flood several troops that were not in the flooded area brought us gear. There would have been no way we could have afforded to replace what we had lost.


So now is the time for troops that have to give back to those who have lost everything except the

Scout Spirit.



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It looks like here in texas


There are 25,000 headed this way in Dallas Fort Worht


There are a lot who came in cars etc. earlier/


Most of the school district are admitting those who have been displaced from New Orlear, the gulf coast of Mississippi and Alabma.


Some of those here have cars but not jobs.


Nay there be increased recuitmnet of youth, scouting does produce survial skills in the mist of adversity.



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Our new Scout Executive was promoted from the New Orleans Council.


The roundtable staff batted the idea around this week, including our DC.


Last night was our first night at our new Roundtable site. As part of the combined opening, we passed the hat. Proceeds will go to the Red Cross earmarked against this.



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Twelve year old Scouts sometimes have great thoughts! Believe it or not, we actually have a family staying with in-laws all the way out here from New Orleans with a couple of Scout age boys. They must be everywhere and will be dislocated for a long time.

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