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Nothing To Do With Ice Cream

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I like ice cream, I really enjoy soft serve ice cream. Most of the time I'm very boring and am happy with plain vanilla ice cream.

There is an ice cream company in Pittsburgh that for a very limited time in the fall makes a Southern Apple Pie ice cream, the bad thing is that the smallest amount you can buy is a 3 gal drum of the stuff.

Bruster's a local franchised chain has something close, but not as good.

I don't like chocolate ice cream and will not eat anything with peanut-butter in it -Yuck!!

I was talking to the owner of the company who makes the Southern Apple pie ice cream and asked him how they made it? He said it was just the regular vanilla ice cream but they added uncooked frozen apple pie to the mix.

I don't know very much about ice cream but I really enjoyed talking with the guy. He said the reason why they don't sell my favorite ice cream in smaller units is that they can't get space in the local supermarkets to sell their ice cream and have concentrated on the wholesale market. I didn't know but at one time in Pennsylvania there were a lot of small ice cream manufacturers.Penn State University, it seems is a educational mecca for ice cream. Must be because we have such happy cows.

Still sad to say the small dairy making and selling ice cream is going to go the way of the small brewery.

One reason I have stayed in Scouting for as long as I have done is that I like the people that are in Scouting. For the most part I find that we have a lot in common, we share similar values and most of us can spend countless hours talking about Scouting.

I really enjoy the kids that we serve. Watching a little Lad in Tiger Cubs go through the program, seeing him at Day Camp, Parent & Son camp, Summer Camp and Camporees is almost magical.

I was up at camp the other week, where a new Nature center/building is going up. There on a ladder was Joey, nail gun in hand. I remember how at the first pack meeting he run out of the church hall crying his eyes out. He didn't like being around that many people. He moved to the other end of the district. He was a handful as he suffered from ADD. As luck would have it he landed in a troop where the SM is a medical doctor. I sat in on his Eagle BOR, we discussed how he had worked so hard to overcome his problem. He went to the Vo-Tech and is now learning heating and refrigeration.

Many of my nearest and dearest friends are in Scouting. Some are in England, but a lot are now in the same Council as I'm in.Nearly all of them are people that I have worked with either at the unit level or doing something that was hands on at the District or Council level.

Someone once said that you really get to know someone if you share a tent with them for a week.

I think I know just about every adult leader in the District, there might be the odd den leader that I don't. Just about all of them are really nice, I'm sure there are a few who think that I'm a real twit, but they are kind enough to not say it to my face.

When it comes to the Council, there are one or two people that I just can't stand!! They are up there with peanut-butter ice cream. I try really hard to do anything and everything I can to avoid them.

Looking at this group the thing they all seem to have in common is that they all tell me how good or how great they are. Once they get that done, they start moaning and groaning. They never like anything the Council is doing, the Scouts today don't seem to measure up to the Scouts that were around when they ruled the world.

I try and really have to try hard to be as polite and as friendly as I can be.

I have never said to any of them "If you are so unhappy, why don't you just quit?" Of course I have never said " Don't go away mad. Just go away!"

Just like chocolate and peanut-butter ice cream, someone must love these people. I just can't understand why?



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It sounds like the the people you like the best come in smaller serving sizes that are enjoyable and the the people you like the least come in three pound tubs. Scouting has an ample amount of your best flavor.


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What's that clever saying that goes something like "some people exist just to be an bad example to others". I also know a few self-promoting, anti-council Scouters. I prefer to avoid them but it isn't always possible. On the bright side, they keep me humble. They set the example for what I do not want to become.


Ice cream? -- I likes mine vanilla and firm!!

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I like your analogy Eamonn! Now, I happen to LOVE chocolate ice cream & I dislike any ice cream with fruit, nuts or peanut butter & that would describe the people I don't care for. I'm a really nice person even though I like chocolate! :) I guess we'll always have a few people that we won't like, but that's normal. Just put them on a shelf in your mind!





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