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Her Who Must Be Obeyed thinks I'm going a little soft in the head!!

I just have to laugh out loud every-time that GE ad with the elephant who dances to "Singing in the rain" comes on.

Rory does much the same thing in muddy puddles.

But he is like me and isn't that great a dancer.

So whats your favorite ad on TV?


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Whats in your wallet?


I'm partial to some of the Geico commericals the rip off Reality Shows and Soap Operas. "I saved, I thought that ment something to you!"


Really hate Old Navy Commericals the have horrible redentions of oldies: Eg Fame-I wanna Live Forever: Burmuda Short things and Superfreaks now super skirt.


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My favorite is that simpleton riding on his lawnmower, playing golf at the country club, cleaning his pool with the punch line...


"I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. Can someone please help me."


Must have bought too many $900 purses.

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There is an insurance (I think)ad that takes place in Africa, where these guys are filming lions and one of them puts on a male lion head and they film him walking up to them as if it was some scientific study to see the reactions ofthe other real lions. I find it hysterical.

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Nuts, I don't think I've ever seen the dancing elephant commercial, I guess I'll have to watch more TV! LOL! ;)


I like the squirrels high fiving each other too!


Also like the David Spade "NO" & now I've seen where this big muscle guy comes to the office talking on his cell phone & is looking for David & David says he's wearing a yellow shirt & of course it's someone else & that guy is getting chased around by the big guy who came into the office!


If I'm watching something on TV Land I love the retro commercials even if they do make me feel a little "Old"!



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