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11 hours ago, KelseyS said:

I saw in a post from 2018 there was a spreadsheet someone shared for keeping track of Troop finances. Would someone be able to share that with a newly appointed treasurer?

Welcome @KelseyS!

Here is a BSA website (fairly general) that has some tips...


And a direct link to the excel file there: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/boyscouts/xls/510-277-Troop-Budget-Worksheet.xls

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We track Scout accounts using Scoutbook.  Scoutbook produces a report to tell you how much each Scout has or owes, and tracks your unit cash balance.

We use a separate spreadsheet to track all unit income and expenditures for the year.  But we do not do it very well 😉

I'd share that with you but it would requires redacting a lot of data and names associated with training expenditures, Scouts joining (dues), camperships, etc


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