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In April 2018 I posted about getting a Scouters paycheck when I watched one of 'my' boys, as Meteu, drape an ordeal sash over his younger brothers shoulder, as his older brother,the head eleongomat, looked on, smiling. 

I just watched the same middle brother ( who is the best ceremonalist I've ever seen)  welcome  his younger brother into the circle of the Vigil, in our very secluded ceremony ring, as once again the older brother stood by trying  to look serious, but the smile kept breaking thru. Some scouts who were past members of our ceremories team, drove or flew hundreds of miles to be there.  This time, as guide, I had the privilege of sashing the new Vigil, Who's  name means roughly Proven Worthy. Darn smoke must have gotten in my eyes.  Had to keep wiping 'em.  

This  check I'll keep until my last day.

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