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1 minute ago, RememberSchiff said:

"...We also plan to look outside of the organization..."

IMHO, a hopeful sign.

Agreed.  It is always good to find someone who has Scouting experience, but that does not necessarily mean they have to come from within the organization.  I am sure there are a plethora of former Scouts who have shown that they are capable of managing an organization such as ours who have never served in a professional Scouter position.


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Perhaps the most important hire in BSA history.  Given BSA's situation, I don't know if they can survive if the get a bad leader.  Any membership or financial buffer is gone. 

I am definitely open to outside leaders.  I also wonder if there is a council out there that is run exceptionally well.  There could be some great internal leaders.

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Member of Search Committee:

Michael Sears – Director of Leadership Innovation at the Boeing Leadership Innovation Laboratory, Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the U.S. Naval Academy; NEC and NEB

Consider Mr. Sears Radio Stockdale interview with Roger Mosby regarding the topic of Trustworthiness from  the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, ETHICS AND THE NAVAL WARRIOR, 10 minute, podcast. Off-the-cuff discussions of leadership, ethics, and law by and for the Naval Warrior. .




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