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Scouting in Seattle, a history blog

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FYI, A collection of well researched postings on the early history of scouting in Seattle written by software engineer and historian Rob Ketcherside.

An excerpt from Seattle's first patrol leaders

Who the patrol leaders represented

The patrol leaders represented a diversity of economic backgrounds, and children of immigrants versus descendants of colonists. But, they were all white boys.

The religion of some of their families came up in newspapers or records, and in each case they were a denomination of Christianity. However, there was a rabbi involved in the founding of Scouting in Seattle in 1910, so within a month there were Jewish boys in troops as well.

Ethnic diversity came within a decade, and it’s possible that the Collins Playfield group had non-white members that same year in September 1910.

Gender diversity has taken much longer in Scouting in America. After 8 decades, girls joined BSA Venturing crews in 1995. Then, gay youth openly joined in 2013, and in 2017 transgender youth openly joined. Finally in 2018, the first girls joined BSA troops and packs. BSA troops are currently still separated by gender identification.


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