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Professional Thriftiness

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Martin Burelbach was born Sept. 18, 1884, in Perham, Minn., the son of Matt and Sophia Doll Burelbach. He joined the Army and came to Chattanooga in 1905. He spent three years at Fort Oglethorpe with the 12th Cavalry. He graduated from his training camp as a captain, and he had reached the rank of major when he left the Army in 1920. He afterward held a commission with the National Guard.

Martin Burelbach operated the Arts and Crafts Store at 318 West Eighth St. Then from 1915 to 1917 he was Scout Executive with the Boy Scouts of America with offices in the Chamber of Commerce Building. Prior to becoming Scout Executive, he had "shown marked ability both as a Scoutmaster and in handling weekend hikes and short-time camps."  He had previously operated private camps for boys.

Due to limited funds, he was only paid $80 per month for his Scout duties. He kept costs down by furnishing his own typewriter, doing his own stenographic work, and walking or riding streetcars for business travel. He sought to expand Scouting in Chattanooga, including starting new Scout patrols in the Jewish synagogues.  

After war was declared on Germany on April 6, 1917, Major Burelbach had to leave the Scouts and go on active duty. 


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