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Way to include forum topic in site title?

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When you click into a topic, is there a configuration in the back end that will put the topic subject in the browser title?  I usually come, open the unread messages stream, and then I'll open several in new tabs and read through.  But each tab just says "Scouter Forum", so if I need a refresh I need to scroll to the top of page.  Not a HUGE deal, but thought I'd file the though/request and see.  Thanks in advance for anything

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One end-user solution is a browser add-on to rename/retitle Tab manually. For example, there are Firefox add-ons Rename Tab Title and Tab Retitle.

Note these add-ons are not actively monitored for security by Mozilla. :unsure: Can be tedious to use and there is security concern.

Agree with your suggestion, a better solution would be for the forum software to provide webpage title options.

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Yeah, that's what I was asking.  If someone who administrates the forum could look to see if there is an option to enable discussion topic titles in the browser title bar.  I went to the invision site to see if I could find info about the setting to suggest.  I could not but while there I noticed their forums :) have this.  See screenshots attached for what I mean.

2022-06-19 11_16_19-Window.png

2022-06-19 11_16_12-Window.png

ETA:  That long text "Option for homepage title..." that's the topic title I was currently viewing.  On the Scouter Forum site it's always just "Scouter Forum".

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