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Eagle Scout Dylon Nottingham developed a playing card game called Primal Jaws. It’s is a strategic dinosaur battling game in which he created all the artwork, branding and game play...

“It all started with Game Design,” Nottingham said. “I had this concept for a dinosaur combat game, and my work on that merit badge helped me begin to put it together.”...

“I was making a new business with this game, and the American Business and Entrepreneurship Merit Badges helped with everything I was doing,” he said....

“Earning merit badges was incorporated into my homeschool curriculum, and Primal Jaws was an important part of my earning all of them. I also learned a lot getting copyrights, a trademark, and working on a patent for gameplay,” he said...

Nottingham’s now employing some of the skills he earned in the Salesmanship merit badge, working to secure placement of the game at gift shops and games stores around the United States...

From concept to manufacturing, it is all a “Made in the USA” product. The game was manufactured in Florida and the display box is made in Massachusetts...

More details at source link, Quite a story about the value of the merit badge program.


Origin of  "Scouting is a game with a purpose"


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6 hours ago, Eagle1993 said:

What a great story!  If only we had invention merit badge still ... I tend to think he could be one of the few to earn it.

Still there...


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