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Just generally... How does the process for a new COR work?

Our COR of 15 years is calling in a day, so we need a new one.  I am pretty sure we have found a new one.  Member of the CO, but has Scouts in the Pack and one soon to be in the Troop.  They are talking with the Pastor of the Church this week, so I understand that is totally their deal.  But, for the BSA side of this.  Who signs the new adult application?  So on and so forth?

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Sounds about right. Read the app to see who should sign it? :)

The important part is you pick someone both the unit and CO likes that is a good communicator and understands both viewpoints of the relationship.

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Institution Head signs the Charter Agreement (Charter Organization Line)

COR Signs

CC Signs

Last signature is a local council rep...our DE has signed in the past.


There is no order of signature, so anyone can sign first and then route in turn.  Our council accepts electronic signatures and scanned copies, but you may want to check with your council to see if they want original signature document.  Start by asking your DE what they prefer.

Happy Scouting


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