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GSUSA litigation against two local GS councils which failed to adopt tech platform

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There is ongoing litigation between GSUSA and two of its 111 local chapters, Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee (GSMT)  and Girl Scouts Farthest North Council (GSFN) as both refused to implement a nationwide technology platform.

While GSMT did not object to utilizing the technology platform, they disagreed with the terms. Apart from the operational fees—with web platform fees starting at $15,000– GSMT stated there were unknown costs that would come from the new operating system. 

GSMT is responsible for their own governance, finances, operations and expenses, which includes purchasing Girl Scout Cookies at wholesale prices. Since the GSUSA has no responsibility overseeing Middle Tennessee’s operation or property, they should not be asking them to foot the bill, local officials  added. 

“GSMT is unwilling to give GSUSA a perpetual blank check to pass on to GSMT costs that GSUSA decides to incur,” according to the lawsuit.

Disputes between the two also extended to membership fees, with GSMT refusing to pay the new membership fee increase from $12 to $25. 

GSMT cited a 2019 ruling by the Alaska Supreme Court in favor of the  state Girl Scout council (GSFN, Farthest North Council)  in a lawsuit over annual fees, which stated that the GSUSA national council did not have exclusive authority over fee increases. 


April 20, 2021, GSUSA filed a lawsuit  in New York Southern District Court to terminate the charter of GSFN. The suit, filed by Venable, accuses the Fairbanks-based council, Farthest North Girl Scout Council, of refusing to implement a required technology platform and comply with other charter obligations. Counsel have not yet appeared for the defendant. The case is 1:21-cv-03496, Girl Scouts of the USA v. Farthest North Girl Scout Council.



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A couple of years ago. Farthest North Council prevailed before The Sureme Court of the State of Alaska on the issue of whether the Board of The GSUSA could, without formal approval of the National Council of  GSUSA, raise dues.  FARTHEST  NORTH  GIRL  SCOUT COUNCIL  v. GIRL SCOUTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,  Supreme  Court of Alaska case No. S-17144,  September 13, 2019 ) 454 P. 3d 974 (20189)



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