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19 minutes ago, elitts said:

The frequency with which this problem crops up across a system as widespread as the BSA is in the US makes me think it must be rooted in a systemic failure somewhere.  Either because the established processing requirements are inexplicably complicated or because the BSA has failed to grasp the fundamental truth that basic competence in recordkeeping is an important reflection on an organization.

The latter...

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Thanks again for all the help and information...I've completed all of the paperwork and printed out a copy of my YPT certificate, will take it to my next troop meeting and will also make a few copies just in case.  As I said before I'm looking forward to being apart of my troop and the organization for many years to come and am looking forward to being officially registered so I can start wearing the uniform :)

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4 hours ago, fred8033 said:

"Turned in about 5 applications"  ... I'm thinking it's less IT Systems; less Record keeping and more process.  From what I've seen, if the application gets to the registrars office, it's recorded.  Where I've seen things can get lost are these.

  • App gets turned into a unit leader.  Unit leader forgets or misplaces.
  • App then gets turned into district exec at round table or somewhere else.  DE forgets or misplaces.
  • App reaches registrar's office and sits in unit registration folder without being entered ...
    • Because ...
      • missing signature on app
      • missing signature on permission to do background check
      • missing youth training protection certificate
      • no funds to pay for BSA registration
    • Unit leader is contacted to get signatures / fix.  No response and it sits.  Can get lost then.
  • Sometimes apps are shuffled into the wrong pile.  I did see that happen once when I was in the registrars office.  Once. 

I'm hoping the new direct online registration system solves these issues.

As a former pro, I've seen all the above. One that is missing is "Never received it in the mail."


One factor, at least when I was a pro many years ago, is that you have do have special training to enter the information. Out of all the staff, only 3 people had that training, and two of them were basically backups for the registrar. And with the number of applications the staff receive, it can be a nightmare.

After we found out my wife was ineligible for one of the lifesaving awards because she was still unregistered, that is when I collected all the signatures and hand delivered the application, and it still was not registered. And it was not as if she had never registered with the BSA before. She was an associate advisor for the council's Explorer Post/Venturing Crew she was trying to register again in, and was a troop committee member in a different council.



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