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Worse than I thought

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So, we had our first district committee meeting in ages. The council situation is worse than I thought. We have not met membership and financial goals for several years now. My understanding is that we have 1  year to turn things around or we begin merger talks. 

Sound like we have been on conditional charter for a while now, and no one was informed.

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I don't know what is going on behind the scenes. Although I have been on the charter as a district committee member for a while now, we have not had a chairman for several years. They either quit because of BSA membership policy changes, family issues, or professional interference. You cannot yell demands at volunteers, especially if you have never visited the territory. As for a DE we have not had a dedicated one in about 6-7 years, either having a FD working with us, or sharing a DE. And our DE is not around much either.

Someone commented that the dissolution of the council may be a good thing as we may get better service being in another council. But looking at a map, I have serous doubts. my district is lucky, we border 2 counties of one council, and a sliver of us the district borders a metro county. But other parts of the council are aways from anyone, and are extremely rural in nature. The bulk of the counties average below the poverty line, so I do not see why anyone would want them in their council.

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