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Outdoors Experience for Health

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"How often do you all get outside?” primary-care physician Ryan Buchholz asks. It’s a Thursday afternoon in October, a warm one for Washington, D.C., where Buchholz practices. His patient, a young boy named Ariel, doesn’t answer. Maybe his mind is on the flu vaccine he just heard administered to a child in the room next door. Maybe he doesn’t understand the question—he’s only two years old, after all. Ariel clutches a blue teddy bear as his father, Fernando, answers. 'No a menudo.' Not often.

In exam room three of the Upper Cardozo Health Center, Buchholz is performing a routine wellness exam. To Buchholz, wellness means a child is eating right, brushing their teeth, getting vaccinated—and spending time outdoors."

Article goes on at: https://www.outsideonline.com/2393660/science-newest-miracle-drug-free

They caught all the wild children,
and put them in zoos,
They made them do sums
and wear sensible shoes.
They put them to bed
at the wrong time of day,
And made them sit still
when they wanted to play.
They scrubbed them with soap
and they made them eat peas.
They made them behave and
say pardon and please.
They took all their wisdom and wildness away.

That’s why there are none
in the forests today.”

Jeanne Willis,  "wild child"

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Perfect day here. After early church, I was "running" in an Orienteering course (2 1/4 hours - not great for an medium, but a new stretch of county park for me), then worked on some carpentry on the back porch before Sunday dinner. I figured the Steelers could win this one without me,

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