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Influencers: the 21sr century Recruiting? Merit Badge? Fundraiser?

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So, influencers are the new profession overwhelming the Internet. Here's a story of a couple who funded their wedding through product placement:


Certainly Scouts UK has leveraged its volunteer influencers masterfully. Search #scoutjamboree or #wsj2019 and you'll quickly find months of videos of scouts talking months in advance about the run-up to Jamboree. A quick scan shows that some of them had been video logging for years.

One of our former scouts had organized online video game nights for charity. Others now gratuitously promote their careers on social media. So far I have not seen them hawking other's products, but I don't follow Instagram or Twitter, so I could be missing a lot.

Is one of your scouts an influencer?

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1 hour ago, qwazse said:

Is one of your scouts an influencer?

Yes.  We have an outstanding SPL who can visualize success and communicate goals to his troop. This SPL has gone through NYLT and takes his leadership seriously.  He not only influences the scouts, but is respected by the adults as well.  An excellent influencer!

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