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I'm Attending the ALS/DYLC training this weekend. I've heard that it's similar to Wood Badge, But I haven't taken Wood Badge yet. I'm happy to report back what I learn but was wondering what to expect. Has anyone else already taken the seminar?

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Unless something has changed I think you mean NLS/DYLC. 

National Leadership Seminar & Developing Youth Leadership Conference.

NLS is for the youth and DYLC for the adults.(though some adults will sit in on NLS)

There are similarities in these programs and NYLT/Wood Badge in the sense that communications, leadership, mentoring etc. are the focus. Some of the exercises and activities are similar. 

You are divided up into groups for roughly a day and a half of training. They are usually run by Region/Section Officers and Advisers, with the Occasional National Officer/Adviser in the mix. 

It is a good program, and like most training programs the best parts are the opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from others. 

I hope that helps some, and have a great weekend. 


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