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Troop Management Software Preference?

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If you could start over, which Troop management software would you pick?  Our Troop has never had a website and in developing a new one we would like to incorporate other functionality into it as well.  We currently have an email group platform for communication, polls, document storage, and photo storage.  The Troop currently uses TroopMaster for advancement tracking, but not to its fullest potential.  We are considering the following:  Trooptrack, TroopWebHost, Scoutmanager, Troopkit, SOAR, ScoutTrack.  Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Divide what you are trying to do into categories to see if you have coverage.  You could even look at the features of the above tools to create categories.

Here are some common categories

  • Communication ... Email, Texting, 
  • Calendar management ... Printable, subscribe-able, etc
  • Document storage .. Forms, Pictures, Other
  • Social media
  • Advancement ... purchase orders, awards, rank
  • Membership
  • Finances ... Budget, dues, accounting

This is what we use 

  • Scoutbook ... Default for all units ... Advancement, roster ... it's the official BSA data.  Anything else is double work.
  • Facebook ... Default for all units ... social media
  • SOAR ... communication, email, document management
  • Google documents / spreadsheets ... finances
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