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Scouts BSA Girls’ Uniform +

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18 minutes ago, Chisos said:

Are these changes online/available somewhere?

Someone on FB commented that the girls' book will have the  2018 requirements in them. MacScouter.com has not posted anything about 2019 requirements.

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On 1/17/2019 at 9:21 AM, Eagle1993 said:

Covered in other threads, but based upon some input I have heard, the difference include images of girls, pronoun updates, some minor requirement changes (family life.. you probably ask a girl about being a mother) and hygiene.  Rumors only as I haven’t seen the inside of the book yet.

I’m sure they could have created one, but given how they are rolling this out it makes sense to release separate books.

Some people have received the book a and the only changes are pictures and perhaps a few pronouns.   There is a section that some said would be updated to include tampons/etc. info but that was not updated.  Also, family life MB requirements have not changed for girls.

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