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Presidential Proclamation: Jamboree canceled - 1935

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In August, 1935,  30,000 Boy Scouts prepared for the Jamboree in Washington, D.C. President Roosevelt wanted "every nook and cranny of America represented in the Jamboree". 

Just before the jamboree,  Roosevelt issued a Presidential Proclamation canceling the jamboree because of an outbreak of infantile paralysis (Polio). Some Scouts were in route by train when the word came of the Cancellation. Roosevelt had contracted polio earlier in 1921. 

Five scouts and their ASM from Madera, CA were preparing to leave on the train from Fresno, when the telegram came. “Don’t come to Washington D.C.”

Their cross-country Plan B is retold in article:



In 1937, the rescheduled 1935 Jamboree was held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  Madera scouts would be there.

In 1938, President Roosevelt founded the organization that would later to known as the March of Dimes.

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