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5 hours ago, Vintage1 said:

The current scoutmaster is in agreement that the summer can count but this is a rule by an old regime where one parent who was a former scoutmaster is still active in the troop even though his son has long left. It doesn’t come up all the time but it has where several kids over the years we’re a couple days or weeks shy of advancement because they weren’t counting two summer months as time for advancement. We voted on it last night and the only one who voted against it was a parent who went through the same thing and whose son has made Eagle Scout as well. I do not believe their intentions are bad but it seems like a ridiculous rule that should have never been placed.   

Get the SM to sign off on the requirement in November.  The committee cannot vote to force the SM to do things that aren't according to BSA National.  

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I agree with @perdidochas.  Your Troop Committee can't vote to override BSA's national advancement policy.  Here is the Guide to Advancement:


In your son's case, they aren't even taking the summer off -- the Scouts are attending summer camp, participating in Scout activities, cleaning out and reorganizing the storage shed.  It's ridiculous that they're saying that this time doesn't count just because the troop isn't having troop meetings.


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