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  1. They aren’t doing weekly meetings but they are doing events, summer camp, we did a clean up at the shed my son in particular almost did a month of CIT in a camp and spent a week with the troop during their week.
  2. The current scoutmaster is in agreement that the summer can count but this is a rule by an old regime where one parent who was a former scoutmaster is still active in the troop even though his son has long left. It doesn’t come up all the time but it has where several kids over the years we’re a couple days or weeks shy of advancement because they weren’t counting two summer months as time for advancement. We voted on it last night and the only one who voted against it was a parent who went through the same thing and whose son has made Eagle Scout as well. I do not believe their intentions are
  3. We are active year round as well with summer camps, activities, different programs throughout the community we actually cleaned out and reorganized our storage sheds. We do not have our weekly meetings for two months.
  4. So after having my son in a troop for four years i just came to learn that they do not count the summer as time for advancement. So him receiving the rank of star scout in May he is not allowed advancement until February. It doesn’t seem right that they would not count the summer even though he was active with the troop with summer camp and other activities. Just curious if any other troops do this.
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