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Help, I'm suddenly running the Vigil !

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Well sort of,  Firstly it's just for the chapter not the lodge, and not the ceremonies themselves that I could do.   But the figuring out of which  candidates are going to which site, on which date, finding guides,  arranging rides it's 4 hours each way,names, paperwork.   I assumed ( oh that word)  that the scout and adult on the Vigil committee had things well in hand.   But in the last few days I discovered that 

1   the lodge hasn't been in touch with the scout in about 5 months

2   the adult has gone awol for about the same period

3    the scout having never done this before and so had really no idea what he should do, did nothing

4   the candidates can't register without naming their guide.   They naturally have no idea 

So far the lodge hasn't responded to me either, so if anyone has hiked this trail before I could surely use some advice.   I have 17 days until the ceremony

PM me if you would be so kind.   WWW


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