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Den leader orientation

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Just trying to give my new leaders a leg up. I know I have at least 2 new ones this fall, and that's not counting any girl dens that may form.

Working hard to reverse a lot of leadership issues that have plauged my pack in the past before I was involved. I have excellent parent involvement and looking to build on that. 


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In hind sight, I wish that in the pack, we would have had a little bit more 'awareness' of the patrol method (boy leaders and all of that)

My scouting experience was too short and too long ago to be any help.  The old guard scouters were heavily involved in a troop with their older sons, so they knew....but never brought it to the pack.

I know the cubs are too young to do it, except I would argue the 2nd year WEBELOS are ready....BUT I think awareness of the target you are aiming at could be useful in lots of ways.

AND I would say that they'll get most of what they need from the training, books, etc...

Sure, there's s one things that would be helpful I think and that they wouldn't get in the 'normal training'....especially since most will not read the books (handbooks, guides, etc..)

and I imagine what Latin Scot sends you would cover things well.

But I think Cubs could be just a little bit better if it were orientation for the patrol method instead of adults leading everything.  Not necessarily the big stuff, but little things here and there.... and it's hard to find those opportunities if you don't know the target. 

(& don't think for a second that if an adult was an Eagle, or even scout, that they know anything at all.  Many could have come from really poorly run troops.  Other things are forgotten, focus is changed when it's your kid, etc...)


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