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51 minutes ago, cyphertext said:

I think this MB is great for a group.  My son's troop did it, and they participated in a 50 mile ride for Cancer at the end.  The group that participated met each week for rides and to train to build up for the Cancer ride.  It was an awesome experience for the boys.

Cycling does seem to work well as a group as a big part of it is riding the bicycle...no faking that during a class.

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On MBC as parents, we tend to have Scouts go to other MBC for singular type MB's.  If we have a troop class for a MB (Cit in the Community, Personal MGT) then if the parent is the counselor, that is fine.  Though if there is a discussion part another leader will take that portion.

Not that we do not trust the parent as an MBC, just better for the scout to interact with other adults

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