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Advice on Treasury Related Conflict

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It can be done either way.  If the Treasurer prefers to get the full amount of the receipts from a fundraiser then wants to reimburse expenses (for the fundraiser or for a separate expense) because it makes the books look cleaner, then support that.  If the Treasurer is fine with people deducting expenses from receipts before handing them in, then support that.  Lesson learned move on.  No need to turn this in to a cold war.

That being said, there is something that needs to be done.  A Den Leader cannot hold another office in the Pack.  If your current Treasurer is also a Den Leader then she needs to give up one or the other.  If you have already got a new Treasurer lined up, then make that transition at the next "parent" meeting.  Whomever is the Committee Chair needs to send the current Treasurer and e-mail telling her to bring all the Treasurer's records to the next meeting where the transfer will take place.  No dilly-dallying - no wavering - just get it done.  You have an eager volunteer - they'll stop being eager if you don't get this transfer done right away.  Get the records in the new Treasurer's hands right away - in fact, if you've already appointed that person Treasurer, then you have a Den Leader holding the books that should be in the Treasurer's hands.  You shouldn't have two Treasurers.  You only need one.

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