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What was Philmont Trail Crew Trek like?

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My son and a buddy were thinking of doing the Philmont Trail Crew trek. Has anyone on here done  this or is familiar with it? If so, did they like it or have they heard good things about it? Also, the website is kind of scarce on details. It seems like a week of work, then a weeklong trek. If so, where do they stay in the first week? Are meals provided? Where do they eat, etc. ? 

What's the trek like? How many miles? Will they be able to get a 50-miler in? 

Any details you can provide would be helpful. 

Tx in advance. 



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I'm short on details. I just know that a couple of acquaintances did that, and enjoyed it. It doesn't sound like a thing you get an award for. One might infer from the lack of complaints, that they were well provided for.

If I were you, I would have your boys contact the program coordinator and ask if any of last year's participants would serve as a reference. Then, they should contact that scout, and get an idea of what he would do differently if he were to participate again.

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