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Vigil ceremony at last

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Our chapter had three scouts who were deemed worthy of the vigil honor last June,  I think that's a record for us. I have known them all for years and have watched them serve and serve and serve some more.


But one of them was moving out of state before our lodge held its vigil ceremonies.  So we managed to get special permission to hold a one man ceremony just for him.   We had very little time and a fair number of us were at the Jambo so I was asked if I could serve in this young mans ceremony.  I will not say how here, suffice to say that I wore no feathers.   But  that was an honour and a thrill. As a scout I had served in many a preordeal, ordeal or brotherhood ceremony. In fact I had done 11 of the 12 major parts, but never a vigil.   I thought my ceremony days were long long gone yet here i was again reviewing lines by fire light,  walking down secluded foggy pathways in the woods at midnight by torchlight.   I swear I could almost see my   brothers from decades ago walking with me wraith like in the fog.   Or maybe I was just so tired I was dreaming while walking.   Ah memories!    


Oldscout 448

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I really have to hand it to our previous chapter chief for making this vigil happen.  There was very little time between getting notified that the scout's nominatoin was approved by national and the scout's family move of over 2000 miles.  Also, that scout was going to Philmont this summer, driving from the east coast, which made for a long trip, further cutting into the available days to actually do the vigil.


As the chapter adviser, I'm also happy that this was all able to happen with almost no guidance from me.  Between a long planned family vacation that had me away for two weeks, and jamboree staff that had me away for another two, I just wasn't available to do much advising here.  Leaving it to our youth and @@Oldscout448 to handle, working out all of the details with the lodge, and so on.


These guys are really making me look good, I keep getting asked to continue as chapter adviser!

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