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Great TED talk, led to my SM Minute


Key takeaways:

  • you have 2 ears and 1 mouth
  • If you listen to someone they are more willing to listen to you
  • 3 reasons for listening  1) helps us understand the other side 2) help us connect (they feel good)  3) more likely they will listen to us
  • Listening is a skill that has to be learned
  • Don't focus on you when listening
  • Try to understand what isn't being said.  (You maybe fighting over the patrol menu, but it really comes down to you don't want to be hungry.  Focus the actual goal rather than petty things)
  • It is hard to listen, but if we all try we can solve problems better
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It's not always about listening either.  One has to communicate clearly and precisely or the active listener still won't "hear" what is being said.  This should be obvious from the comments on the forum.  Even when given time to re-read a comment a few times, contemplate the various meanings meant to be said, there remains a huge chasm of understanding that can still cause misunderstandings.  Toss in a typo or two and the "listener' can only guess what is trying to be conveyed.

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