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New Cubmaster from Potomac Maryland

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Hi everybody!


Father of a Wolf and a Bear, when the Bear was in 1st grade we looked for a pack at our elementary school and at JSN was disappointed to see nothing there.


Turns out the Pack serving two local schools had devolved into a club, and basically those then-Webelos I were allowed to age-out.


First year the Tiger was minimally involved, with two or three others. Last year something amazing happened, we organized two dens in the other pack, and it started to grow.


Now we're setup to jump-start the pack, with no less than three schools with JSNs (this week), and a good committee of six (including a unit commissioner).


New to the cubmaster thing, a ton of reading to do, and figuring out how to start a new Tiger den (and possibly jump-start some new Webelos dens). Already at several Sneak Peek and back-to-school picnic events found several interested 4th and 5th grader parents.


Any and all advice appreciated!


Dale aka scooterdog

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Scooterdog:  Welcome to the forums!  You will get many a good idea here.  There are a few of us here from Murlin,  I'm in White Oak District.


Some thoughts: 

Congrats on taking on CM. You will have nothing but fun, but do not try to do everything yourself. USE that committee.  Ask for help, do not wait for volunteers. They will come, but not when you may need them. You and the CChair should TALK, be mucho sympatico, nicht wahr?

*Good you have your Unitcomish.  This must mean you already know the DE and DCommish.  Put them on speed dial.  

*  Look to the District and Council Training Calendar, get everybody trained. YP, everything else.   EVERYBODY can take the CM training, couldn't hurt. DE can arrange a custom /for you/  all at once  training, if that seems good.

*  Make a  list of Pack activities, possible dates/months and pass it out to the parents . Ask each of them  to take on ONE activity to shepherd .

*Den Leaders:  Train'em.  Work together, but  separate Dens. Put'em on "BALLOO'S BUGLE".   Foster Den Pride with flag banners, stickers, special woggles for rewards for good behavior, neat cheers, funny skits, whatever.

* Get everybody (somebody!)  to RoundTable.  I know you have a good one out there.  Use it...


See you on the trail....

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Hi Dale,


Welcome to scouting on the National Capital Area Council.  I'm up north in the newly formed Francis Scott Key District of Frederick County (we used to be two districts, Appalachian Trail & Catoctin Mountain, south and north). 


My wife is experiended with JSNs.  One of her tricks is to have schedules availalbe for the next month or so and invite everyone.  If you get the contact information, send some e-mail invites, and make a follow up call. 


I encourage you and all of your leaders to go to training, in addition to what is offered online, Pow-Wow in November, University of Scouting in February.  Our council has an excellent training committee, and does a great job with these events.

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Welcome!  It sounds like you are doing the right stuff as far as recruiting - get out there and let people know that Cub Scouting is availble for those schools, and that Cub Scouts have fun!  That should get them to join - then you need to have a fun program to keep them.  The new Den Leader Guides are a perfect recipe for the den meetings, just be sure you pick a fun and exciting Adventure for each den to start.  For Tigers we picked Good Knights (it's an elective, but it's fun!!!).  For Webelos, I'd probably go with something like Cast Iron Chef.  Throw in a fun Pack Meeting, along with a Pack Overnighter, and you should have them hooked.

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