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It Takes Boy Scouts to Build a Village

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"Two new longhouses — single-room, beehive-shaped structures covered with woven reed mats — and a wooden lean-to shelter are the latest additions to the Nansemond Indians’ property, near Lone Star Lakes in Chuckatuck. Hunter Ward, a member of Driver Boy Scout Troop 16, spearheaded construction as his Eagle service project.


Under Ward’s direction and with guidance from the tribe, roughly 25 Scouts and leaders spent five weekends between October and March building the longhouses and lean-to.


The group spent one day in an Ivor forest tract, cutting down and hauling 260 donated sweet gum saplings to the property. The boys debarked the trees and shaped the green trees into dome-shaped longhouses, using twine to lash the saplings together. They spent the final weekend covering the structures with sheets of woven reeds made in the Philippines..."


more interesting detail in link above.

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Nice, very nice. Presumably, or hopefully, they've had the chance to sample the fruits of their labour by "camping" in the finished article. Good on him.


Which reminds me, must think again about fitting in a "sleepover" in a local re-creation of an iron age roundhouse.



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Not only is the Eagle Project super cool,  but the media coverage!   That's what ya need, too.   There is a story in almost every Scout activity, you just have to make the call to the newspaper/tv channel. 

And, perhaps an  OA connection? With real Native Americans?   Wow. 

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