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Quite a dedicated single father to be Scoutmaster of the local Troop before his son is in it - I'm guessing those 3 years was the Scoutmaster of the Troop.



Thought it was a cute show but I couldn't help but thinking that some studio exec somewhere thought "I'll see your tall, handsome single dad on the ranch with his fancy rifle and your hero collie on the farm and raise you with an even better looking tall single dad on a ranch with a hero wild horse"

Adults combine service stars for years served in Scouting. so I my theory is he was a Cub Scout leader for 3 years.


And a horse who saved a boy who fell in a well! Lassie never did despite the comedian jokes "Woof, woof." "What Lassie? Timmy fell in the well?" Never happened.

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You guys weren't kidding about this show!  My boy and I have watched a few more episodes (yes, my nearly six year old will sit still through a black and white 50s western; it pays not to have cable & video games at the house :) ).  Lots of fist fights, broken legs, rattlesnakes, bear attacks, you name it.  No place for sissies at the Broken Wheel Ranch!


The best one so far is the Junior Rodeo.  Those boys and girls in the stock rodeo footage they used were getting SQUASHED by  horses and steers and getting right back up.  Take that Millennial Mom!

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