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Do your scouts have patrol level POR's?

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The NSP can be a Webelos 3 den if the troop makes it that way.  We don't.  It's just another patrol made up of new scouts and run by their own leadership with the help of a Troop Guide.    Some of the smarter boys recruit a PL from the boys looking to get POR credit on the SLE level requirements.  That works well too.


When I hear the troops complain that the NSP is really just a Web 3 program, it's because that's the way it was set up by the troop.  Take ownership of the problem and fix it instead of complaining and tossing it out.


That was precisely my career as a scout. SM said there were a bunch of webelos crossing over and asked if I would like to start a new patrol with them. (By this time, I think I had been a den chief.) The only difference between them and your "NSP" was that we never applied the word "new scout". We were Wolf patrol from the first meeting. No allowances were made for lack of rank or skill. This was meant to be a patrol for as long as the troop would last. And we were meant to represent the troop well.


No troop guides or instructors. If I needed help, I talked to my former PL or a JASM. I didn't need help, except for maybe a little time away from the patrol to learn how to convert mess kits into pizza ovens. (Well, I could have used some heads-up about a boys' innate desire to turn spray paint cans into flame throwers.)

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