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Wood Badge 1957

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There are three parts to Wood Badge training: correspondence, practical, and application.



The correspondence part consists of a series of questions and projects that require written reports from the candidates.


A counselor determines from the candidate's written work if his knowledge of Scouting, desire to serve, and willingness to follow the principles of Scouting qualify him to be allowed to receive the Wood Badge.


The Correspondence part may be completed before or after the Practical part.



The practical is an 8-day training experience, consisting of living Scouting.



In a period of at least six months after the practical phase and no more than three years after commencing the three parts, the Scouter must demonstrate acceptable service in his current Scouting responsibility and "give evidence of the use of his Wood badge training.  The council leadership training committee approves the candidate's application phase upon recommendation of the respective unit's commissioner or, if the candidate's job is not connected, upon recommendation of the council Scout Executive.


Source:  Boy Scouts of America, Wood Badge, Training Plan and Procedures, 1957.

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