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Where to have my beading ceremony

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"Beheading ceremony"   Love it....


Again, your beads, your ceremony.


I had mine at a normal Troop CoH, last on the agenda.   My WBSM came, my TG came, one of my Patrol came, my family was there and my fellow Chaplain from the Jamboree arrived late ( he did WB two years later), but he did come.  I had it at the CoH because no one in the Troop had been WB in recent memory and I wanted to show what WB was.

The WBSM gave a short talk about the history and significance of the regalia and the way WB works.  Then my TG spoke of my particular tickets.  Drape the necker, do the beads,  we sang the "Back to Gilwell" once thru (we were the only WBers present) and then the  cookies and punch.

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