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Captain Obvious Strikes Again (Obviously)

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I drive  bus  part   time for our Yearly Meeting Camping program.  We take the campers to the canoe put in, pick'em up at the end of the trip, that sort of thing.

Yesterday, I drive to the pick up point in company with a counselor driving the pickup truck and canoe trailer. We are to pick up 3 counselors, 14 campers and 9 canoes (one counselor paddles solo).

When the  float arrives, the kids jump out of the boats, eagerly help unload and carry the boats and gear up from the landing to the bus, truck and trailer.  One boy looks me right in the eye and smilingly asks "are you here to take us back to camp?"


The bus has a rear door, which is open to facilitate loading all the wet detritus.   I am sitting in the driver's seat, the kids are rolling around in the passenger seats, getting together with their particular seat partners.  One girl  jumps up and announces "I  guess you are  our bus driver!"   I admit, yes, I have that responsibility. Are YOU my camper?   She giggles back and nods.

Boy on the back seat yells "Should we close this door back here?"   I shout back, yes, that would be a good idea, do you know how?  He shouts back, yeah, I opened it to help load last week!.  


I was once asked by a parent as we prepared for a camp trip,  what would they do if it rains?   When I replied they would get wet, he  hesitated and then nodded with grave, serious  expression.



Any more for Captain Obvious  to mull over? 

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One of the traditions left over from back when I was a Scout was that near the end of the annual summer camp the adults would take the PL's out to dinner. Normally at a nice restaurant. 

We were camping in Ireland in Galway.

I took all the PL's out to a steak house (Their choice.)

The waiter was taking the orders and asked one Lad, how he wanted his steak.

The Lad didn't miss a beat and replied "Nice"


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