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Using Facebook ... "page" Or "group"

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Ok. You mentioned previously that only page editors can tag photos, but did not mention that you don't tag. It seemed to suggest that your page managers could tag photos if they want to; not that you didn't tag at all. My mistake.


I did mention it on Post #12.  We have the page set up per BSA policy, and we have it locked down (not mentioned in BSA policy, but just common sense).  Even though pages are open for all, you can restrict posts (you can set it up so that only page manager approved posts/photos/videos are shown), and of course, tagging.  We also have multiple page managers (I believe we have the SM, an ASM (me), and three MCs as page managers).  I would prefer a closed group, but am following the policy. 

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My troop, no matter what national says, has decided to keep the FB group closed. The leadership, both youth and adult, do not want to deal with any problems that  open groups have, i.e. spammers, peop

No.   "Groups" have members and becoming a member can be controlled.  Conceptually it makes sense to have a "closed" group ... aka only accessible to members.   "Pages" have likes and do not have

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