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Scouting Is a Journey

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Scouting is a journey much like a backpacking trip. However, we need not be concerned with shaving ounces or grams from the weight of our packs. Instead, we fill them with the collected experiences and relationships we make along the trail. While some are just beginning the trek others have been on the trail a little longer and have more experiences rounding out the shape of their backpacks. It is up to you who are more experienced to, in turn, help those newer hikers fill their packs with memories of service to the community, fun, fellowship and adventure. In Scouting, the destination is important but not nearly as important as how you and your fellow hikers get there.




Backstory: I have some high achieving merit badge go-getters and I'm afraid that some of the younger guys are starting to feel left out advancement-wise. So I decided to remind the Troop that Scouting is a continuum where we learn new things and have new experiences along the way. I brought my backpack and pulled different things out to symbolize different activities or service projects that they Scouts had done throughout the year. Even if you aren't earning a ton of merit badges, you are still learning a great deal just by showing up.

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