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Need Help with Canvas Tent Set-Up

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Our troop has inherited some old canvas tents. I'm having a hard time figuring exactly how they are supposed to be set up. It looks like they are in two halves.


One half consists of a trapezoidal shape with a rectangle attached at the center of the long side of the trapezoid. The attached rectangle is the same width as the short side of the trapezoid.


My best guess is the rectangles overlap over the ridge pole. Is that how they are supposed to work? It doesn't quite seem right because there doesn't seem to be a tie off point for the top rectangle flap.


The "walls" are only about 2 feet high. Do I have it right? Am I missing something?

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I'm thinking you might have military dog tents. Two snap together and are held up by 2 poles/8 stakes. No ridge pole. 2 triangular vestibules at each end of the tent. Unsnap vestibule to gain access to the tent. Soldiers carried 1/2 tent, 4 stakes, and one 3 section pole each. They then bunked up with each other to make a complete tent. Once staked down all the way around, it is a very stable tent.



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