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OP, I don't quite follow what you're saying.


If your asking about how earn the Vigil Honor, you don't. The Vigil Honor is an award given by your local lodge for exceptional service to the OA, Council, and/or Camp, beyond the expectations of any office or position of responsibility held, typically over a period of time.


Understanding the relationship between Ordeal & Brotherhood Membership and the Vigil Honor is something many scouts and scouters struggle with. Ordeal membership is granted to any duly elected or nominated candidate who completes the Ordeal. Brotherhood members are Ordeal Members who have taken the steps necessary to better understand the purpose customs, and traditions of the Order of the Arrow, and after doing so have made the decision to devote themselves more fully to the Order of the Arrow. The Vigil Honor is an award that may be bestowed upon a member in good standing that has completed the Brotherhood more then twenty-four months ago.


you'll notice that I've carefully avoided any mention of rank, or progression, as the Order of the Arrow has neither, all members are equal.

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