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Traveling and Youth Protection

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Hello! This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking for a few months. You guys are a wealth of information! Hoping you can help clarify something for me. I'm the Den Leader for a small group of Tiger Cubs. In a few weeks, we will be taking a Go-See-It to do a tour at a TV station, but the station had to schedule it during the workday because they have to work around schedules and newscasts. Our den usually meets in the evening because we have several parents that work outside of the home. We might have one or two kids who may need transportation to the Go-See-It.


(Yes, I know Tiger Cubs technically need an adult partner at the event...but this is such a special trip and we have several stay-at-home-moms in our den that will be there to help...I figured if we had just one or two cubs without an adult partner, we could make it work.)


These kids are good friends with my son, and we've hosted playdates with them in the past (before Cub Scouts), so I'm sure the parents would be fine with their child just tagging along with my son and me. However, I know that the Youth Protection guidelines say I need another adult to satisfy the two-deep leadership rule. Does that still apply during the transportation to the event?

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Welcome to the forums, SB.

Two-deep is most relevant during overnight camping. Or any scenario where one-on-one contact is likely. (Definitely meetings and go-see-its ... thus the buddy system.)


Unless you're driving one of those road homes with private rooms, one-on-one contact is unlikely. Drivers in separate cars is just fine. (Of course it's always nice to have another parent to talk to.)


By the way, Son #2 visited a TV station when he was in cub scouts. A local weatherman invited our den. It was a whole lot of fun!

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