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Sorry, I don't have an answer for you. I'm actually thinking along the same lines, mostly to charge a cell phone on a long backpack trip. So I'm also interested in seeing the responses. What I'd like to see is a flexible membrane system that covers the exposed top of my backpack or something along those lines. Thanks for starting this topic.(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Myself I have not gotten any yet so no first hand experience.

Your best bet will be one of the Low Light systems because I highly doubt you will have optimum light conditions..


Ever Becoming More popular I believe more systems are becoming more available..some even offer rechargeable battery packs so you can have an immediate power supply handy in case of emergencies or poor planning.

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Up, I have a spare boost battery for my Blackberry. On a busy day in the field, that BB battery lasts about 6 hours. I can get two full and one partial charge from that spare. That won't work on an extended trek or event. Good idea on the low light option.

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Solar battery chargers are a waste for the most part...... I use solar to charge my cpap machine battery at summer resident camp. I have 4 large panels that generate 2 amps at 12 volts....



The one from REI does not have an integrated battery Pack to charge, so you will need to leave your phone or device under charge in your tent or where ever the solar panel is to get charged. it is only 1/2 an amp hour max rating which means because of sun angles and air temp you will get 1/2 to 2/3 of that.....Best situation you would need to leave your phone in camp hooked up to it for 4 hours during peak sun. if it delivers half the advertised current you would need to leave it in camp 8 hours.


I have a number of brunton panels and they never ever deliver the advertised current.


my son is using this at Jambo. I found it cheaper elsewhere, I paid $32.....




It is a 10,000 mah battery pack.


I use one on our backpacking trips to keep mine and my ASM's phones charged works great, I use google tracks on the trips to record our routes. It will charge a droid maxx 3 times. I have one and will buy a second for him.....I am going to bet that he can probably recharge it at one of those at&t kiosks if need be......


If you would rather use regular old batterys here is another option.




I have made a couple of these.....The work for what they are......



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I have the Goal Zero model that was referenced on the REI link. I can report good success charging multiple phones during sunny weather during the day. However, I do leave home with the battery pack fully charged so I am ahead of the game.


It is bulky, but fairly light. The batterys are heavier than the unit.

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