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Stop the Hype, give us solid information !!!!

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Why are you so surprised, these entertainers live in a little world of their own and probably didn't know BSA policy. You only have the weak willed and indecisive leadership at National to blame if anyone as to why the entertainment went away.


I also agree with you others who say the Summit will be be a big mudhole come jamboree time. Medical and Safety are also big concerns it sounds like without military backup National has been caught being totally unprepared for this event. I certainly hope there are no serious injuries or worse because of poorly done facilities or equipment.

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(I tried to edit my last post to add this, but it didn't work...)


But seriously, why do they need musical acts at all at a Jamboree? Maybe it's because I've never been to one, but it just doesn't seem like an essential part of the experience to me.

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Unable to find the Jambo thread about entertainment, anyway, I read today that the rock group Train decided NOT perform at Jambo due to "scout policy barring openly gay people from joining".



Plan B: Scouts lead and sing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Thriftiness saves on entertainment expenses. :)


My $0.02 saved (wonder how much we were paying both entertainers?)

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