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You just never know

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About a year ago, Scoutson and I decided we needed to get CPR/AED trained. Couldn't find a cert class to fit our schedules, so I contacted an agency and organized a class for our Scout District. 25 people signed up. Good class, sensitive, knowledgeable teacher. Everyone very satisfied.

Fast forward to last week. Scoutson is back from Jambo. County Fair is on. Wife, Scoutson (4H) and I are at the County Fair Rabbit Barn. Because of my allergies, I work the "front door" of the barn, where the fresh air is the most plentiful. Up walks a man who looks vaguely familiar. He greets me heartily, shakes my hand and says "You may not remember me, I'm John Smith. I was in that CPR class last year with you. I've been wanting to tell you, that class you set up saved my life. That instructor, what was her name? Janet? Jacky? Anyway, she described the symptoms of a oncoming heart attack? After the class I started realizing that I had some of those feelings. I went to my doc the next week and he checked me out. Had ((here, he described in lurid detail the artery replacement that was done)) and after, man, I hadn't felt that good in a LONG time. When will there be another class?". I breathed in deeply, said I was glad the class had been so "useful" to him. We both laughed. As to the next class, I reminded him that the Council had ongoing CPR/AED classes, but I had been meaning to get a new, local one scheduled. We parted company.

I noted that he had not looked particularly overweight or in ill health, either then or now. And I felt glad I had been moved to set up that class.

It will happen again in the near future. I promise.

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