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Scout Connection, boy scout t-shirt store

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Hello everybody,


I have just created with Ben (one of my friends) a new scout web site : Scout Connection http://www.scout-connection.com


Our idea is to create a brand of boy scout trendy t-shirt, which you can wear in every day life. We thus want to promote scouting in everyday life, by promoting a more modern and younger image. T-shirts are varied and we propose twelve designs.


If you like the project, you can join our facebook group and invite your friends! Of course, if you like t-shirts, buy them :) (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scout-Connection/151146599176)


Talk to you soon


Mitch ' for Ben and Mitch '


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This is not the place to advertise a business. If you contact Scouter-Terry, the owner of this site, I'm sure he would be glad to discuss an advertising contract with you.

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